In addition to our regular season, we often hold smaller online events throughout the year that are accessible to everyone. Our current event is the MHSCL Grand Prix (2022-2023). This will start on 12/3/22 but players can register and join in at any time. See below for more information.

Note: If your school is not a member of our league, please send us an email or fill out our contact form before joining!

The 2022-2023 MHSCL Grand Prix has concluded! 

The full standings and event format can be found below.

Congratulations to David Katsman from Brookline High School for winning the tournament!

Great job to Xenofon Papamichail, also from Brookline High School, for coming in 3rd place overall!

MHSCL Grand Prix Announcement 2022-2023
MHSCL Grand Prix Standings 2022-2023