2023 Regular Season Format

A: Roster

1. There should be a shared google document among the school captains for the official roster.

2. The roster can be updated at any time (except during a round).

3. A school can have as many teams as it has enough players for.

4. Each team can have as many members as it pleases provided that the members are not a part of any other team.

5. Only four members from each team may play in a round.

6. A team's average USCF rating may not exceed 1800 (count unrated players as 1200 when making calculations).

7. Teams must be associated with a school and all members of the team must attend that school.

 B: League Structure

1. Rounds will be played at the Boylston Chess Club (35 Kingston St, Boston, MA).

2. There will be a total of 4 meets during the regular season. 2 rounds will be played each meet for a total of 8 rounds.

3. Meets will be held at 6:00 pm on Sundays. We expect to finish around 9:00 pm. Dates can be found on the home page.

4. Teams will be placed into divisions by the MHSCL team based on player ratings.

5. The top teams from each division will advance to the playoff tournament. More info on that later!

C: Round Format

1. Teams will only play other teams in their division.

2. Players on a team will be ranked by rating. During rounds, players will play against someone with the same ranking as them (e.g. a team's top-ranked player will play against the opposing team's top-ranked player).

3. During each round, players will play two games against their opponent, one as white and one as black.

4. Games should be played with a time control of 15|5.

5. Players will earn 1 point for every win, 0.5 points for a draw, and 0 for a loss (a player can earn up to 2 points for their team during a match). 

6. The team that has the most points after all the games have been played wins the match. If one team already has enough points to win the match before all games have been played, the rest of the games should still be played for tiebreak purposes.

7. Scorekeeping is NOT required.

8. Games are NOT USCF-rated.

D: Fair Play

1. We will rely on the honor system.

2. Players should not talk to each other in the playing hall before the round is finished, unless necessary.

3. Players can (and are encouraged to) talk in the skittles room before the round is finished, provided they have finished playing their games.

4. Be respectful of all players and use your common sense!

E: League Government

1. A senate shall be created with every school given one vote.

2. Each school shall designate one student to cast their votes. The school shall notify the league if the student is to be replaced by a different one.

3. Any amendment to the official MHSCL rules must be made with the approval of a simple majority of the member schools.

4. Any high school in Massachusetts must be granted membership to the league on equal status with the founding schools with a simple majority vote in the senate.

5. A small team will be made of students who will be in charge of managing the league. This includes making match pairings, organizing the discord server, web development and communicating with schools and teams. Anyone is welcome to apply to join, but they need to be accepted in with all current members approval.

F: Misc

1. It’s very likely that a situation could occur that we have not mentioned in our rules. We reserve the right to update these rules as the season continues.

2. We are not responsible for what is said in chat between players in our Discord server.